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Meta-Works International - Overview

We are an international advisory firm that specialises in integrated, strategic evidence-based consulting services. Our expertise extends from generating data in support of new applications to more problematic areas such as the removal of products by regulatory agencies, disputing a code of conduct complaint, and preventing potential rejections or reworking regulatory or pricing submissions. We also act as a strategic partner in troubleshooting evidentiary issues such as the potential impact on your business of government initiatives and impact of new entrants to market.

The impact and potential benefit of our services on an organisation such as yours can be measured in the tens of millions of dollars/Euros, if not hundreds of millions, and probably more importantly, time.  Time to market, time on market, and reduction in delays.

Over the last 15 years consulting to the world’s largest Pharma companies, we have developed and honed a project methodology that very rarely fails to deliver, even with the most complex, or high risk projects around new and existing products. Our services are delivered globally, with an international network of very high level expertise and commercial talent consistently producing extraordinary results and strategic advice.

We also provide more than project based consultancy services. Meta-Works provides structured, short accredited training and staff development services that are designed to expand your own in-house evidentiary capabilities.