Leverage the power of your evidence through Meta-Works® clinical data synthesis

Certified Training in Good Evidential Practice (GEvP)

We are also international leaders in the provision of evidence-based skill based technical training (Good Evidential Practice or GEvP).
Meta-Works provide more than project-based consultancy services.
Meta-Works through its training partner Evident Education provides structured, accredited training and staff development services that are designed to expand your own in-house evidentiary capabilities.

Due to the ever-increasing complexity of regulatory compliance, combined with competitive market pressures, companies increasingly require their staff to have the epidemiology experience to mitigate risk properly. Meta-works changes that. Our programs are designed as a formal pathway to Pharma excellence, and operational competency. Most of our customers have long term relationships with us, where we help drive internal efficiencies. Absolutely critical in today’s world, and we are sure that you would agree that staff development provides the highest returns in terms of competitive advantage.

Our training programs combine assessment, instructive learning and practical learning re-enforcement to provide a proven training pathway to developing competency in evidence with minimal disruption to normal work routines.

Meta-Works is unique in offering training in this area performed to measurable levels of competency.  We also believe it is important for any training investment to be able to demonstrate a commensurate return via measurable cost effective outcomes.

We can offer the following training solution benefits:

  1. Training performed to measurable levels of competency – directly evaluate the benefits of the training – unique to Evident
  2. Competency levels benchmarked to industry standards- so realistic training outcomes can be determined in advance – unique to Evident
  3. Industry orientated vocational training content that has been refined to deliver proven results – well over ten years of embedded industry experience
  4. Highly customisable to targeted learning outcomes through incorporation of chosen clinical papers of product relevance – supported by Evident’s Advisory team
  5. Participations receive certificates stating the levels of competency in GEvP attained
  6. Fully supported implementation including participate familiarisation, program management, progress monitoring & reporting and IT helpdesk
  7. Shortly to be supported by international accreditation through IACET
  8. Language support available

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