Leverage the power of your evidence through Meta-Works® clinical data synthesis

THE WORKS - examples of what we can do for you

Some typical project services may include:

  • Finding new or supplementary evidence through performing search and library retrieval services
  • Performing comparative analyses through indirect studies  in the absence of head to head studies
  • Generating new evidence by performing systematic reviews comparative effectiveness analyses and reviews and high level bio-statistical analysis in support of:
    1. New product registration
    2. Market access activities
    3. New product claims (in response to new comparators or new evidence)
    4. Code challenges and defences
  • Obtaining product registration for files that have challenging evidential issues including those that have been rejected by the regulator
  • Compiling the evidence and argumentation for Industry Code challenges and defences
  • Extending product opportunities by reviewing new or recent evidence (post launch) in relation to:
    1. New indications
    2. Stronger claims
    3. New comparators
    4. Change in therapeutic classification
  • Identify significant commercial opportunities within reach of modest new research (including the relevant research protocols required to obtain such evidence) that provides the critical missing evidence to complete a regulatory file.