Leverage the power of your evidence through Meta-Works® clinical data synthesis

Meta-Works® Role

We help our clients to leverage the power of their clinical data. We achieve this by providing an unusual combination of regulatory, biostatistics and commercial expertise.

Common reasons or situations for employing Meta-Works include:

    • Develop and validate new market access initiatives through market research and analysis of the prevailing clinical evidence;
    • Develop persuasive communications based on new evidential insights;

    • Shore up your industry code defences/challenges- supported through comparative reviews and statistical analysis;

    • Discover and support product extensions / indications with new evidence generated through literature reviews and meta-analyses;

    • Better support new business initiatives with superior scientific support - objectively assessed training outcomes for Medical Affairs, Sales & Marketing professionals

For many companies the volume of new clinical papers and planned new products in the pipeline can be taxing on finite company resources and many strategic business opportunities may be missed and not realised.

Alternatively, it sometimes makes sense to outsource large complex projects that would otherwise tie up internal resources from projects with higher priority and market urgency.

Due to the ever increasing complexity of regulatory compliance, combined with competitive market pressures, companies increasingly require their staff to have the epidemiology experience to mitigate risk properly. Meta-works through its training partner Evident Education changes that. Our programs are designed as a formal pathway to Pharma excellence, and operational competency. Most of our customers have long term relationships with us, where we help drive internal efficiencies.