Today’s market conditions are tough. Amidst ongoing data revolution the complexity of squaring cost, value, affordability and access within the confines of a top-down drug budget, could cost your firm tens, or even hundreds of millions of dollars, and years in delay and lost revenue opportunities.

These are specialist business challenges requiring infrastructure investment, data-sourcing, analysis, and system integration. 

Meta-Works® is a leading Pharma advisory firm building evidence-case marketing and economic resources to tackle complex data-dependent portfolio issues. Above all else, this demands intimate industry knowledge and a mastery of the evidence in order to succeed. 

Our Team

We’re specialists.

Since 1999, we’ve been building evidence-case resources which inform business and marketing strategies for many of the world’s leading pharma companies. We operate across an extensive range of therapeutic and tactical sectors.

We’ve accomplished this by project managing a rare combination of scientific, strategic, marketing and commercial expertise drawn from our global network of experts, consistently producing outstanding results and high-quality strategic advice.


Our expertise ranges from data generation in support of new applications to the more problematic areas of product removal by regulatory agencies, prevention of a rejection, and reworking of regulatory or pricing submissions.

We’re also a strategic partner in troubleshooting evidentiary issues such as mitigating the business impact of government initiatives and new market entrants.

Our work in performing high-risk, complex assignments at both local and regional level means we understand your business. We solve problems and develop opportunities in equal measure. It’s made us a long-time preferred partner to many of our clients.

Our Approach

Over 22 years consulting to the world’s largest Pharma companies, we’ve honed a project methodology that rarely fails to deliver. We execute assignments by developing and testing a number of research hypotheses which initially describe how each case can be optimally supported.

This testing leverages existing Company Risk assessment and incorporates additional local market criteria as required.

We deliver services globally through a network of high-level expertise and commercial talent who consistently produce outstanding results and provide high quality strategic advice.

Our strong suit is mining new insight from integrated bodies of evidence using rigorous statistical and epidemiological methodologies that withstand the toughest scrutiny. We ensure evidence is used with confidence across multiple regulatory and commercial contexts.

In some instances we provide a more complex matrix approach to identify evidence quality more closely linked to the wide range of policy or practice questions being addressed today. Our unique structured testing approach, our capacity to work with disparate data and best in class resources delivers a near 100% strike rate on projects which progress from our initial feasibility study.

We’re proud of our well tuned capability to take a client’s business issue, define a focused, tightly structured, and cost-effective evidence-based strategy to reach a clear definitive end-point. Meta- Works achieves focused outcomes at pace, at competitive cost, ranging anywhere from 1 or 2 person scope through to large multidisciplinary projects involving 10 or more key experts.

Global Client Base

We have worked with many well-known and respected Industry clients, delivering strategic and tactical projects, assisting an extensive Pharmaceutical and Health-allied client base and regional trade bodies in the areas of Market Access, Marketing, Medical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs and Communications.

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