Consulting Services

Feasibility Studies

A Meta-Works feasibility study helps your organization to:

  • Define the business requirements of a selected project, including the factors critical for its success

  • Detail alternative approaches to achieve business outcomes, including comparative cost/benefit and risk analyses

  • Recommend the optimal approach to prepare a business case, or advance the implementation process

Our approach to complex evidentiary issues delivers a near 100% success rate via a uniquely structured testing approach. It guarantees an accurate outcome to any executional path.

Integrated Evidence

Pharmaceutical companies have progressed rapidly in their use of real-world evidence (RWE).

Generation I (circa 2011) provided limited use of RWE, being heavily focused on safety and post market.

Generation II (2011–15) integrated the use of RWE across the product lifecycle, supporting regulatory decisions, advancing disease understanding and clinical. It also supported outcome-based marketing claims and reimbursement decisions.

Meta-Works® has considerable experience developing integrated strategies across HEOR, RWE, Phase IIIb/IV, and all other data supported by microanalysis such as HTAs and systematic reviews throughout the product lifecycle, from concept-to-post-marketing activities. This tailors information to specific issues of therapeutic and/or marketing importance.

RCT/RWE analysis delivers a continuous stream of truly differentiated products, and in today’s environment a launch is really just the start of this extended in-market process, where both product and brand are continuously re-assessed and re-affirmed.